Dent Removal & Repair Services in Riverside, CA

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No one knows car repairing better than us!

PDR –One is honored to serve its customers for more than a decade. With our high-quality Dent Removal and damage repair services, we now operate as an established and esteemed entity in CA. While we operate in San Bernardino, Ontario, Corona and Chino Hills, our services are also popular in Riverside CA.

Within two decades, we have won hearts of millions with our impeccable and efficient dent repair services and aspire to continue this in the future as well.

Following are our popular services that have been contributing significantly in making PDR – One the market leader in CA.

Our Prominent Services

We specialize in repairing car dents, dings and damages. Our main services are:

Dent Removal: We know that cars are vulnerable and it isn’t possible to shun collisions. Considering this, we provide excellent dent removal service, which promises to sustain the exterior of your vehicle. Also, we do it in an hour so that you take your car home the same day. We repair every small and deep dent and that too quickly and immaculately.

Storm Damage Repair: You can’t control storms nor can you avoid the damages caused by them. Since your cars are susceptible to heavy winds and extreme weathers, your car is prone to get some dents, damages or breakage. However, there is no need to worry about effects of a storm since we promise to provide the best and supreme quality storm damage repair services.

Door Ding Repair: Your door dings are often negligible but affect exterior and appearance of your car. PDR – One offers high-quality door ding repair service in Riverside CA, which is reliable and meets your expectations.

Paintless Dent Removal: If you are conscious about the appearance of your car, paintless dent removal is an ideal repair service for your automobile. Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) enables you to retain the factory finished paint and appearance of your car. In short, at PDR, we fix and remove dents without affecting the original paint of your car.

Other Services

Beside our main services, we offer other valuable services to our customer too, which are equally significant and have become major attributes of our services.

We understand the significance of time and that is why we repair dents in less than 30 minutes. Although time varies with the type of dent, but most of the dents are fixed in half an hour.

Beside this, we provide repair services at residences and offices too. We do this keeping in mind convenience of our customers.

There are absolutely no touch ups in our repair services, which further increases the value of our services. This implies that with PDR – One your car originality is never at stake.

Our dent and damage repair services are chemical free and environment friendly. We make sure that we don’t use any harmful materials, elements and chemicals that are inferior in quality or hazardous for environment.

At PDR – One we repair every kind of vehicle. Contact us to benefit from our valuable repair services.