Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

PDR is the best choice for dent removal. Our process of paintless dent removals works flawlessly and quickly for all sorts of vehicles. The process does not involve paint that can significantly bring visible changes to the look of the car and can harm the original paint on the car’s body. We make your car dent free without retouching the paint or finishing of the car because we understand

The paintless dent repair service, simply includes massaging the dent from the other side of the panel to make sure the factory finish of the car is not affected. This allows the car to retain its original paint color which eventually leads to a longer life before the car finally needs a repaint.

Car Door Ding Repairs

Car door dings are quite common, and it is easy to get rid of them too with our car door ding repair service. Whether it’s a negligible or noticeable door ding, our professionals at PDR-One can fix it for your in less than an hour. What you get as a result is a flawless car, as if the ding was never there!

Hail Storm Damage Repairs

PDR-One is available to fix all your hail storm damage repairs. If you unfortunately got stuck in a hail storm, then don’t worry – our experts can make your car look brand new and factory-finished without retouching the paint.

We Service All Vehicles

Our paintless dent repair service is for all vehicles. Bring your car to our body shop or we can come visit you at your home or office to fix the dent in your car in less than an hour. Don’t worry; no dent is too big or small for us. Our professionals can fix a tiny to a huge dent in your motor vehicle, truck, car, etc.

Mobile Service

This is for those who are unable to take time out and visit us for paintless dent repair. Our team of experts can visit your location and fix the dent for you, to save you time and money both. If you send your car to the workshop, it can take a few days, at the most 5 days.

Service Areas

We serve the Riverside/San Bernardino areas in California and the surrounding areas in the 50 miles radius. We serve the entire Inland Empire area. Our customers leave happy and satisfied with the car dent removal services. If you happen to have a dent that you need to get rid of, then give us a call and we’ll respond to you as soon as a team of experts is free from their ongoing work. The response time usually is from 30 minutes to the same day.